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Leadership is an interaction between individuals in a given environment
that motivates and directs action toward a shared goal. Understanding and
 mastery are interdisciplinary, nuanced, and developed over the long-term.


Leadership development, though useful in the long-term, may seem like just another item to add to your already burgeoning to-do list with the many and varied demands of graduate school. Instead, we urge you to think of the Graduate Leadership Institute’s (GLI) programming as an opportunity to take a step back and be intentional in your training here at Vanderbilt. What do you need to succeed as a leader in your lab, student organization, community,  internship, careers? GLI wants provide students with the skills, tools, and self-awareness that will allow them to lead at all levels through programming that facilitates a greater understanding of personal leadership style and interactions with others, in addition to practical technical skills and business acumen that can be overlooked when strictly focusing on research skills. We are committed to training well-rounded scholars with an enhance capacity to lead.


Please direct questions about the Graduate Leadership
Institute to Irene Wallrich, Assistant Director, or 615-343-7030


Please note: Russell G. Hamilton Scholars are not funded through the Graduate Leadership Institute. These funds are either (1) a topping up award from the
Graduate School or (2) a tuition award from your department. Please reach out to your Program Director for questions regarding these awards.