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Tuition & Fees

Vanderbilt University is committed to supporting graduate student education. Because financial awards are determined by individual academic programs, their components vary widely. Contact your department for specific questions about financial awards.

Cost of Attendance


   Graduate School Tuition (per credit hour) $2,215.00            
   Minimum Tuition for Ph.D. Dissertation (per semester)  $200.00            
   Liberal Arts and Science - Master's Tuition (per credit hour)  $1,107.00            
   Peabody College - Master's and Ed.D Tuition (per credit hour)  $2,169.00            
   School of Engineering - Master's Tuition (per credit hour)  $2,215.00            
   Divinity School Tuition (per credit hour)  $1,075.00            
   Nursing School Tuition (per credit hour)  $1,883.00            
   Law School Tuition (per year) $66,696.00            
   Owen Graduate School of Management Tuition (per year) $65,500.00            
STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE $3,491.00   $1746.00   $1745.00    
   Student Transcript Fee  (One Time Charge) $100.00            
    Student Services Fee     $291.00   $291.00   $99.00
    Student Health Fee     $369.00   $369.00   $108.00

PhD Student Support: Assistantships or Fellowships

Competitive financial support through teaching or research assistantships or service-free fellowships enables Vanderbilt to attract outstanding PhD students. These awards typically contain some combination of the following:

  • Tuition support (all or partial)
  • Medical insurance (all or partial)
  • Stipend for living expenses (amount depends on departmental guidelines)

Terminal Master's Degree Support: Scholarships or Grants

Students admitted to terminal master's degree programs in the Graduate School may be offered financial aid, but not to the same extent as PhD students. These awards are department-specific. Other opportunities for financial assistance may be found through varied work positions on campus, some of which are research and administrative assistantships.