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Programs & Departments

All post-baccalaureate degree programs at Vanderbilt are classified as either Graduate, meaning those under the purview of the Graduate School; or Professional, which are advanced degree programs administered by schools other than the Graduate School. The academic programs of the Graduate School are located in and among the academic departments located in the other schools and colleges of Vanderbilt. For example, students admitted and enrolled by the Graduate School in the Ph.D. program in Economics (or Special Education, or Biomedical Engineering, or Epidemiology) pursue their academic program in an academic department based in the College of Arts and Science (or Peabody College, or the School of Engineering, or School of Medicine, respectively). In addition, a small number of interdisciplinary Graduate School academic programs are not based in a single college or school, but rather draw from faculties in departments across two or more academic units.

Are you looking for a particular course of study at Vanderbilt? You're in the right place. All Graduate School programs (Ph.D., M.A., M.S., M.F.A. in Creative Writing, and M.L.A.S.) are listed below — just start typing in the search box to filter the list, or use the column headers to sort them. You can also click on the DISCIPLINE to the right to limit the display or simply use the search box below to narrow down the choices. For any disciplines or degrees not listed below, please begin looking at the main list of disciplines and majors offered through the various schools at Vanderbilt University.

Program Master's Doctoral
Accounting-Assurance Accounting-Assurance Program Link
Accounting-Valuation Accounting-Valuation Program Link
Anthropology Anthropology Program Link
Astrophysics Astrophysics Program Link
Biochemistry Biochemistry Program Link
Biological Sciences Biological Sciences Program Link
Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering Program Link Biomedical Engineering Program Link
Biomedical Informatics Biomedical Informatics Program Link Biomedical Informatics Program Link
Biomedical Sciences Biomedical Sciences Program Link
Biostatistics Biostatistics Program Link Biostatistics Program Link
Business Administration Business Administration Program Link
Cancer Biology Cancer Biology Program Link
Cell and Developmental Biology Cell and Developmental Biology Program Link
Chemical and Physical Biology Chemical and Physical Biology Program Link
Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Program Link Chemical Engineering Program Link
Chemistry Chemistry Program Link
Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Program Link Civil Engineering Program Link
Community Research and Action Community Research and Action Program Link
Computer Science Computer Science Program Link Computer Science Program Link
Creative Writing Creative Writing Program Link
Data Science Data Science Program Link
Earth and Environmental Sciences Earth and Environmental Sciences Program Link Earth and Environmental Sciences Program Link
Economic Development Economic Development Program Link
Economics Economics Program Link Economics Program Link
Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Program Link Electrical Engineering Program Link
English English Program Link English Program Link
Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineering Program Link Environmental Engineering Program Link
Epidemiology Epidemiology Program Link
Executive MBA Executive MBA Program Link
Finance Finance Program Link
French French Program Link
German Studies German Studies Program Link
Health Policy Health Policy Program Link
Hearing and Speech Sciences Hearing and Speech Sciences Program Link
History History Program Link History Program Link
History of Art History of Art Program Link
Human Genetics Human Genetics Program Link
Interdisciplinary Materials Science Interdisciplinary Materials Science Program Link Interdisciplinary Materials Science Program Link
Latin American Studies Latin American Studies Program Link
Law and Economics Law and Economics Program Link
Learning, Teaching, and Diversity Learning, Teaching, and Diversity Program Link
Liberal Arts and Science Liberal Arts and Science Program Link
Management in Health Care Management in Health Care Program Link
Marketing Marketing Program Link
Mathematics Mathematics Program Link Mathematics Program Link
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Program Link Mechanical Engineering Program Link
Medical Scientist Training Medical Scientist Training Program Link
Medicine, Health, and Society Medicine, Health, and Society Program Link
Microbe-Host Interactions Microbe-Host Interactions Program Link
Molecular Pathology and Immunology Molecular Pathology and Immunology Program Link
Molecular Physiology and Biophysics Molecular Physiology and Biophysics Program Link
Neuroscience Neuroscience Program Link
Nursing Science Nursing Science Program Link
Pharmacology Pharmacology Program Link
Philosophy Philosophy Program Link Philosophy Program Link
Physics Physics Program Link Physics Program Link
Political Science Political Science Program Link Political Science Program Link
Psychological Sciences Psychological Sciences Program Link Psychological Sciences Program Link
Religion Religion Program Link Religion Program Link
Sociology Sociology Program Link
Spanish Spanish Program Link Spanish Program Link
Spanish and Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese Program Link Spanish and Portuguese Program Link