Allie Reichert: 2023 November Student Spotlight

The Graduate School recognizes graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and hard work in their scholarly pursuits, research, and community involvement. We would like to recognize the following student:

Allie Reichert, a third-year Ph.D. student in the Anthropology department, gave a talk at the Vanderbilt Owen Business School about her research and community engagement with midwives who work toward birth justice in the Ecuadorian Amazon. For over five years, Allie has worked in Ecuador on health equity, working with groups of midwives, doctors, and feminist collectives across the country to understand the barriers women face in achieving better health outcomes. In her talk, Allie discussed how her Ph.D. research fits in with and challenges the goals of the Turner Family Center for Social Ventures. Currently, she is organizing the Project Pyramid class through the TFC this Spring, through which she will bring Vanderbilt students to Ecuador to understand, engage with, and support the work of Indigenous collectives and entrepreneurs in Tena.