Lacy-Fischer Interdisciplinary Research Grants 2023 Recipients Announced

The Lacy-Fischer Interdisciplinary Research Grants were established to encourage graduate student-led research collaborations among students and faculty across campus. The goal of these grants is to enable interdisciplinary research teams working across at least two disciplines to seed the collection of preliminary data, add substantively to a project or area in which the student is already engaged, and provide other information that can help develop a strong external outside grant proposal.

Congratulations to the following awardees:

  • “Connecting to Care: Co-Creation of a Resource-Mapping Tool for Patients At-Risk of Or Experiencing Homelessness Within the Emergency Department” Sophia Druffner (PI), Community Research & Action; and Alyssa Altheimer, Medicine


  • “Audiovisual Plasticity in Cochlear Implant Users: An fNIRS-EEG Study”Ansley Kunnath (PI), Neuroscience, Medical Scientist Training Program; and Katelyn Berg, Audiology, Hearing and Speech Sciences


  • “Delineating Stigma and Denialism: Assessing the Effects of Biased Valuation of Body Weight in Patient Care”
    Jennifer Lowell (PI), Philosophy; and Matthew Nettles; Medicine & Theological Studies


  • “Cultural Perspectives on Domestic Violence and Justice in Central America” Marta Eugenia Zavaleta (PI), Anthropology and Gender Studies; and Lorely Chavez, Public Health, Latin American Studies


  • “Investigating Development of New Graduate STEM Education Programs” Jonathan Martin (PI), Biomedical Engineering; and Whitney Frierson, Sociology

  • “Detecting siRNA Delivery to Brain with Imaging Mass Spectrometry” Alexander Sorets (PI), Biomedical Engineering; and Cody Marshall, Chemical and Physical Biology


  • “An Exploratory Study on the Experiences of Neurodiverse Students in a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)”Jessica Stasik (PI), Astrophysics; and Jiaxin Jessie Wang, Special Education


  • “Improving Preventive Care for Sexual and Gender Minority Adults”
    Nathaniel Tran (PI); Health Policy and Services Research; and Tara McKay, Ph.D., Medicine, Health, and Society


  • “A Sweet Treat: Biochemical Investigations of Human Milk Oligosaccharides as Adjuvants in the Antimicrobial Arms Race” Julie Talbert (PI), Chemistry; Sabrina Spicer, Chemistry; and Rebecca Moore, Ph.D., Infectious Diseases


  • “Quantifying Arousal from Novel, Theory-Led Neuroimaging”
    Xuan Wen (PI), Neuroscience; Alexander Maier, Ph.D., Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Psychology; and Catherine Chang, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering