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Prospective Students

Excellence in Graduate Education

The academic programs of the Graduate School are located in and among the academic departments located in the other schools and colleges of Vanderbilt and many of our programs are nationally recognized. Academic excellence at Vanderbilt is driven by our excellent research facilities, outstanding faculty and support of a diverse student body.

Environment of Advocacy

Succeeding in graduate school means much more than meeting your academic goals. It means balancing your school work with your other interests and obligations, and preparing for your post-graduate career. Whether you need a workout to clear your head, family support services, interview preparation, or a night out in Nashville, we can help.

Innovative Scholarship & Teaching

The Graduate School aims to offer graduate students both a meaningful role on campus and a much richer experience at Vanderbilt by creating opportunities to share research, encourage interdisciplinarity and collaboration, and engage academic resources to add value through education and training.

Heart of Music City

Nashville is a thriving metropolis with rich cultural arts, music, and food scenes. Its expansive growth in the last few years has led to many neighborhoods developing different local identities.