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A postdoctoral position at Vanderbilt University, is available for a project concerned with image-guided procedures for the brain. This effort represents a multi-department effort across Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Neurosurgery.

Biomedical Engineering

The area of investigation is concerned with computer modeling approaches to compensate for brain deformations during tumor resection.  This project is in collaboration with National Center for Image Guided Therapy and will work closely with investigators associated with the Advanced Multimodal Image-Guided Operating (AMIGO) suite at Brigham and Women’s hospital.  The position involves extensive clinical collaboration with multiple neurosurgeons and will be an excellent experience for those in the fields of image-guided neurosurgery, computer modeling, medical image processing, computer vision, and medical image analysis. This position will involve working between multiple laboratories, and helping to execute IRB approved studies. The trainees must have excellent organizational skills. Opportunities to pursue a candidate's own grants and movement towards promotions to research assistant professor are also possible.

The position is for a post-doctoral research associate who has received a doctoral degree in biomedical-related area with expertise in computer programming, digitization instrumentation, medical image processing, and registration. The researcher will be expected to conduct research in a workstation environment as well as within the OR environment. One primary duty of the post-doctoral research will be to oversee the clinical study and meet with collaborating neurosurgeons. Experience with programming languages and programming environments is absolutely required: C++, MATLAB, Visualization ToolKit, Python, LINUX/UNIX, and Microsoft environments. Good writing and communication skills are also required. Some experience with parallel processing, database management, and network protocols is also desirable.

Pentential start date: As soon as possible.  Please send by email a cover letter, your curriculum vitae, and at least 3 (or more) reference contacts to Professor Miga. For the subject of the email, please place the key words ‘Computational Modeling’.

Miga, Michael
2014-08-15 13:50:01

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