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Academic Life Coach

The Academic Life Coach assists Graduate School students and postdoctoral scholars in their academic and professional development during their time at Vanderbilt.  This position was created to support students and postdocs through individual coaching and group programming around effective time and stress management, resilience, conflict resolution, navigating academic relationships, and juggling work/life responsibilities.

Consider contacting the Academic Life Coach, if you need:

  • Someone to listen to and have a discussion with about your concern
  • Strategies for better productivity and/or progress, including goal setting, time management and prioritizing
  • Knowledge of and assistance accessing resources available to graduate students and postdocs on campus
  • Assistance working through an issue with a colleague, advisor or supervisor
  • Clarification concerning a university, departmental or program policy
  • To explore the formal options available for addressing your concern

Based on new University Guidance on COVID restrictions, as of 8/16:
Masks must be worn in private offices when social distancing is not possible, regardless of vaccination status.  Due to the size of our offices, masks may need to be worn during our meetings if you choose to meet in person.  You can also choose to meet via ZOOM.  We look forward to meeting with you!


To schedule an appointment with an Academic Life Coach:

If you are a VU graduate student or postdoc and would like to make an appointment with an Academic Life Coach, please first review the Confidentiality & Consent form, then make an appointment (links below).

If you are scheduling a follow up appointment and have already completed the Confidentiality & Consent form, please go ahead and scheduling via the links below.

You can meet 1:1 with any Academic Life Coach in Alumni Hall, Science & Engineering Library or via Zoom.  Make an appointment using our online calendar tool, here:

Follow on Twitter @VU_GPAS


NEW: Graduate Student Academic and Personal Concerns

Are you a graduate school student with a concern for yourself or a fellow student? Faculty or staff concerned about a student?  The new chart of Graduate Student Academic and Personal Concerns guides students, faculty and staff to identify the simplest and most direct path to address student academic and personal concerns through the many available campus resources. 

Have additional questions? Contact Academic Life Coach Stacey Satchell for assistance.