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“The Write On! program for graduate students and postdocs at Vanderbilt provided me with a designated time and place to focus on my own writing, which forced me to prioritize my progress instead of putting it on the back burner. The program provided me with tools to create structure within my writing practice, as well as an incredibly supportive community of cross-disciplinary colleagues seeking to accomplish similar writing goals. I benefited immensely from input and feedback from graduate and professional students in different fields than my own. Over the course of the program, I made significant progress on my prospectus (which I hope to defend this August) and began developing Wenner-Gren and NSF dissertation grant proposals, which I am planning to submit in the fall. I'm extremely glad I participated in 2022-2023 and intend to participate again in the coming academic year.”


See MyVU article on Write On! 

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Write On Benefits

After a successful pilot experience in the Spring 2023 term, the Graduate and Postdoc Academic Success (GPAS) program in collaboration with the Writing Studio, Center for Student Wellbeing, and University Libraries is excited to announce the start of a new semester/academic year program to support Vanderbilt graduate students and postdocs in their writing and academic progress endeavors.  

Developed in response to feedback and requests for strategies, accountability, and connection with peers during the challenging writing process, Write On! takes advantage of new and existing resources to support and guide writing progress and productivity during your academic training at Vanderbilt.  

Do you want to make more progress toward your writing goals every semester? Write On! includes programming to help you set achievable goals, establish routines, and meet deadlines within a framework of support and accountability within the
Vanderbilt community. The goal is to help graduate students and postdocs develop a daily writing habit that will benefit them in their academic career at Vanderbilt and beyond.

Each semester, we will invite graduate students and postdocs to apply for participation in the program. 


"Write-On was critical for me in writing my research proposal for my qualifying exam! Having a set time, place, and group of fellow graduate students helped immensely with my writing consistency and focus. I also appreciated having regular support and check-ins from the GPAS staff, and I enjoyed getting to know my fellow graduate students in other departments and disciplines."


What is Write On!?

  • Writing accountability group of fellow Vanderbilt/VUMC graduate students/postdocs - Applicants will be asked to answer questions regarding their participation that will help us match them with a group of colleagues to serve as a writing accountability group - academic discipline, year in program/position, when most available to meet, preference for meeting in person or via Zoom, etc - as well as the applicants goals for participation in the program. Our Pilot program indicated that participants who met on a weekly basis were most successful in reaching their desired outcomes and goals.
  • Guided programming from the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) webinars through Vanderbilt’s institutional membership, in addition to opportunities to participate in campus offerings from The Writing Studio, University Libraries and Peak Performance (from GPAS and Student Care Network) provides additional support throughout the semester.
  • Utilizing these resources, you will set weekly and monthly goals for progress.  Lean into your group for feedback and accountability toward these goals.  Some examples of goals achieved by the pilot program participants over the course of the semester:
    • "Progress on the methods section of my current paper."
    • "Finished fellowship applications."
    • “Made progress on data analysis for a paper manuscript.”
    • “I’ve identified relevant literature, read, and created a literature matrix.
    • “Finished a draft of a poster for a conference.”


“Through the WriteOn! program, I connected with graduate students from other departments. These weekly meetings provided accountability, as well as the opportunity to build professional relationships. One of my writing group colleagues and I joined our research interests and were awarded an internal grant. Without GPAS, I would not have met my co-PI as we are from very different fields.”


Expectations of participants

  • Once accepted, before kick off meeting - Claim your free NCFDD account through Vanderbilt's institutional membership - watch two assigned webinars.
  • Attend Kick off Event on September TBD
  • Every day - we hope that you will develop a daily writing routine over the course of the semester
  • Every week - Engage with your writing group or participate in one workshop (NCFDD or Vanderbilt)
  • Every month - submit your goals for the month and tell us how you did on your goals for the prior month
  • Celebrate your progress!


Write On! was an incredibly helpful resource throughout the semester. It was a tool to keep me focused on my writing tasks every week, and provided a tremendous amount of accountability through having regular meetings with peers across different disciplines. I look forward to joining the program again this year. 



For Fall 2023 - application process opens August 1 - due August 25.

Participants will be selected and communicated with about next steps on or before September 1.

Complete Application Form due August 25

Contact for more information/questions.