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Seminar Series

What is your leadership style?

One-day leadership workshop that will address: what is leadership? What is your personal leadership style? How do you engage and hone your leadership skills? It will focus on leadership styles and life-long learning techniques. Gallup Strengths assessments will be used to facilitate the conversation around individual leadership style. Additional components will include Mindful Engagement (approach, action review) and After Action Review tools. The workshop will be interactive and introspective.

Seminar Series:

Seminar Series require attendees to attend all sessions. Once fully developed there will be two series offered in the fall, (Interpersonal Dynamics and the Basics of Business) and two in the spring (Teams and Entrepreneurial Thinking).


Workshops will be offered a la carte  in the follow three topic areas:

Personal Leadership Skills
Interpersonal Leadership Skills
Essential Skills

It should be noted, that several of the topic areas under personal leadership are addressed by partner organizations and offices, notably the Graduate Student Life Coach and the Career Development Office, and programming will be a collaborative effort.


What topics would you like to learn more about: GLI Programming Survey