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Russell G. Hamilton Graduate Leadership Development Institute

RGHThe Russell G. Hamilton Graduate Leadership Development Institute (GLDI) and scholarship program was created as part of the $300 million Graduate Education and Research Endowment (GERE) initiative.  The scholarship program will ultimately cover the full tuition of approximately 100 graduate students across every school and field at Vanderbilt, with a goal of increasing demographic diversity and equity within the Graduate School. 

The GLDI will provide graduate students with professional leadership training and robust career development support. "The notion that the only career a Ph.D. prepares one for is academia is now outdated," said Mark Wallace, dean of the Graduate School. "These resources will enable Vanderbilt to develop truly innovative training models that prepare our students for success in the ever-changing landscape of the 21st century."

Currently, more than half of Vanderbilt Ph.D.'s pursue nonacademic careers, Wallace said, and noted that the number of jobs requiring a Ph.D. are projected to number 2.5 million by next year - up by 17 percent since 2010, according to the Commission on the Future of Graduate Education.  "The world will always need great professors and Vanderbilt remains steadfastly dedicated to training the best in the world.  But we must also emphasize the positive impact a doctoral education can have on every aspect of our society and economy," he said.  "The truth is, the United States needs more Ph.D.'s, not fewer."

With the implementation of GLDI programming, students will be given the opportunity to expand their training with leadership building tools that will empower students to become the next generation of leaders both in academia and the economy.



Assistant Director, Irene Wallrich

assistant directorThe Graduate School is pleased to announce the new Assistant Director for the Russell G. Hamilton Graduate Leadership Development Institute is Irene Wallrich.  She is transitioning into this new role from her previous position as the Program Coordinator for both Career Development and Diversity in the Graduate School.