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GLDI Funding Opportunities

The Russell G. Hamilton Graduate Leadership Development Institute (GLDI) is proud to announce two new funding opportunities for Graduate Students:  travel grants of up to $1000 and dissertation enhancement grants with awards of up to $2000.  Full details for each are available in the grant applications and supporting documentation available below.

The deadline for 2018-2019 for both grants is Friday, April 26, 2019, at 4:00 p.m. 


Travel Grants

The GLDI will provide travel support for graduate students seeking to further develop their academic and professional skills, beyond the traditional realm of presenting research findings in a conference setting. Awards of up to $1000 are available for travel expenses related to opportunities that will further the applicants professional development and/or scholastic goals and interests.  This includes travel to conferences where the student has not submitted an abstract, to training workshops, to short courses, etc. Additionally, travel to events that will broaden the applicants skillset beyond their academic field of study (i.e. leadership training, project management short course, etc.) are encouraged and will be considered. 

Please note for the Spring 2019 grant cycle, applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis (i.e., applications may be evaluated and funds awarded prior to the April 26 deadline).

This grant opportunity is separate from the Graduate Student Travel Grant to Present Research and awards received through that program will not count against your eligibility for the new GLDI Travel grants.   



Dissertation Enhancement Grants

The GLDI will also provide awards of up to $2000 for research expenses related to students doctoral thesis. These grants are designed for PhD Students with outstanding potential to accelerate progress on their research adding depth or breadth to their research. They are granted on a competitive basis. Students may request awards of up to $2,000; however, the GLDI may not be able to grant the full sum requested by every successful applicant. The degree of need demonstrated by the proposal and budget, the number of successful applications, and the total available funds will be considered when determining final awards.