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Lacy-Fischer Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the 2023 Recipients of the Lacy-Fischer Grant

  • "Connecting to Care: Co-Creation of a Resource-Mapping Tool for Patients At-Risk of Or Experiencing Homelessness Within the Emergency Department"
    Sophia Druffner (PI), Community Research & Action; and Alyssa Altheimer, Medicine

  • "Audiovisual Plasticity in Cochlear Implant Users: An fNIRS-EEG Study"
    Ansley Kunnath (PI), Neuroscience, Medical Scientist Training Program; and Katelyn Berg, Audiology, Hearing and Speech Sciences

  • "Delineating Stigma and Denialism: Assessing the Effects of Biased Valuation of Body Weight in Patient Care"
    Jennifer Lowell (PI), Philosophy; and Matthew Nettles; Medicine & Theological Studies

  • "Cultural Perspectives on Domestic Violence and Justice in Central America"
    Marta Eugenia Zavaleta (PI), Anthropology and Gender Studies; and Lorely Chavez, Public Health, Latin American Studies

  • "Investigating Development of New Graduate STEM Education Programs"
    Jonathan Martin (PI), Biomedical Engineering; and Whitney Frierson, Sociology

  • "Detecting siRNA Delivery to Brain with Imaging Mass Spectrometry"
    Alexander Sorets (PI), Biomedical Engineering; and Cody Marshall, Chemical and Physical Biology

  • "An Exploratory Study on the Experiences of Neurodiverse Students in a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)"
    Jessica Stasik (PI), Astrophysics; and Jiaxin Jessie Wang, Special Education

  • "Improving Preventive Care for Sexual and Gender Minority Adults"
    Nathaniel Tran (PI); Health Policy and Services Research; and Tara McKay, Ph.D., Medicine, Health, and Society

  • "A Sweet Treat: Biochemical Investigations of Human Milk Oligosaccharides as Adjuvants in the Antimicrobial Arms Race" 
    Julie Talbert (PI), Chemistry; Sabrina Spicer, Chemistry; and Rebecca Moore, Ph.D., Infectious Diseases

  • "Quantifying Arousal from Novel, Theory-Led Neuroimaging"
    Xuan Wen (PI), Neuroscience; Alexander Maier, Ph.D., Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Psychology; and Catherine Chang, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering