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Q: I will be applying for graduation at the end of the term and will need to have a dissertation review before then.  Is there a set amount of time that I need to submit in Vireo in order to ensure that everything is turned in by the deadline?

  • A: Please submit a Draft of your dissertation to Vireo at least two weeks prior to your defense; We will review in a timely manner and return the submission to you with any notes, at which time you will be able to upload a revised document and any necessary remaining files.
  • If you are submitting a master’s thesis, please submit a Draft at least two weeks prior to the deadline.
  • Note that the graduate school does not need to see the final, revised document in order to provide a formatting review.

Q:  Is there a handy file where I can see all the requirements for graduation including the deadlines for this academic year?

  • A: Yes! Please see our handy 2021-2022 Checklist for Graduation.  Master’s students can view page 1 and PhD students should see page 2.  File requirements are at the top, and Deadlines are at the bottom of each page.

Q: Where can I look in YES to see that I have graduated?

  • A: Your degree conferral date will show up in YES under your Career Tab.  You will also see it denoted on your transcript which you can download via your external tab after you have graduated.

Q: I realize that I need to update my address for where my diploma needs to be mailed.  How can I do this?

  • A: Your diploma will be mailed to the address which you supplied on your Graduation Confirmation Form. If you realize that you have a discrepancy from the address you supplied, (such as a sudden move to a different location), please email to let them know of the update.  Diplomas are mailed 4-6 weeks after graduation.

Q: What files am I required to upload to Vireo?

  • A: You are required to upload your primary document (thesis or dissertation), your SED completion certificate (Phd only), your CV (PhD only), and your signed title page and signed abstract (as one PDF).  Everything except the primary document should be uploaded as an administrative file.  Please also upload your signed intraterm application as an administrative file, if graduating intra-term.

Q: I am a PhD student; Do I also need to upload my defense results to Vireo?

  • A: No, please have your department administrator or your adviser submit those to our graduate school submissions portal. Also, please note that these should not be emailed (due to FERPA).
  • You are welcome to bring a copy of the form to your defense to give to your adviser in case they forget to bring the form with them.   Be sure to also bring your abstract and title page to the defense in order to get those documents signed so that you can then upload them to your Vireo profile.

Q: I have submitted my credit transfer request and my materials last week. I am wondering where can I check the process?

  • A: As long as the transfer credit request is signed by your DGS and approved by our Associate Dean, we will review the request.  If we approve it, we will sign on our end and pass the request over to the URO (University Registrar’s office). They will review and then post the acceptance of your transfer credit to your External Tab in YES, thereby completing the process.  Go to your external Tab in YES, to view the transfer credit information.  If you do not see it there, it means that the URO is still processing it. Sometimes it takes up to 6 weeks, depending on work-load and verification work required.
  • Due to FERPA, never email a transfer credit request to our office; always provide it to your program coordinator and have them submit it securely, to our graduate school submissions portal.

Q: In YES, I only have an unofficial transcript so far. Can I still submit a transfer request?

  • A: An unofficial transcript will never be accepted by the university for official credit.
  • You will need to have your institution locate your official transcript and send it directly to the Office of the Registrar via one of these two options:

Office of the University Registrar

Vanderbilt University

PMB 407701

110 21st Avenue South, Suite 110

Nashville, TN 37240-7701

  • Upon receipt of the official transcript from the institution, the URO can proceed with the transfer credit request.


Q: My new employer/institution needs a document from the graduate school signifying that I have met all the degree requirements for my degree and that I will graduate at the end of the month.  Is this something you can help me with?

  • A: Yes. The graduate school is happy to provide you with a degree verification letter upon request.  Once you have defended, and we have the defense results, and you have successfully submitted all required files in Vireo and received an approval notification, we can email you a degree verification letter.  Please contact Susan, in the graduate school, to make that request.


Q: I am graduating in the fall of 2021.  But in the process of filling it out, the YES intent form mentions commencement in spring of 2022. I am confused!

  • A: A student completing degree requirements in the summer or fall semester will be invited to participate in Commencement the following May; however, the semester in which the degree was actually earned will be the one recorded on the diploma and the student’s permanent record.

Q: Where can I find a list of academic forms used by your office?

  • A: Find all of our academic forms (with download links) here

Q: I am a PhD/master’s student. I have a signed form to submit.  How can I get it to the grad school?

  • A:  Please submit any forms to our graduate school submissions portal.
  • Note: Students may not submit exam results.  These are considered grades and must be submitted to the portal by a faculty member or an administrator/coordinator. Exam results can also never be emailed (due to FERPA regulations).

Q: I am a PhD student who would like to apply for my masters in passing.  How should I do this?

  • A: Please utilize your YES landing page to indicate your intent to graduate with your masters in passing.  Be sure that you click on Graduation – Intent, and fill that out first, before clicking on Graduation.
  • You will have an opportunity in September, in February and/or in June to do this.  Please contact our office if you find that you are unable to declare your intent. It may be that our office needs to add a Career for your masters in passing.  Once in place, you will be able to declare it. We will then ask for a signed Completion of Masters form from your department to verify that all requirements are met.

Q: I need to take a Leave of Absence (LOA).  How do I make that request?

  • A: Please discuss with your adviser and DGS. Your DGS or program coordinator will need to write an email to our Associate Dean with a CC: to Amanda King (graduate records) making that request.  If your program coordinator writes, they need to cc your DGS.  They will need to provide dates for the request and a brief reason.  Upon review, a letter will be generated if approved and sent to you, your program coordinator and your DGS. The letter will then be committed to your file in YES under Doctoral Actions.  You will need to communicate with your DGS if there are any updates or changes needed to the existing timetable, so that they can communicate that information to our office.

Q: I am a PhD student and I currently have completed all of my required didactic hours and am now only required to register for research hours. I have 68 completed hours currently.  How many hours should I enroll in for next semester in order to be considered a full-time student?

  • A: Four.  The reason is that you will then be pending to have 72 hours, which is all that is required. You will be considered full-time. If you register for more than four hours, you are over-charging yourself or your department/program those tuition hours.  Please check your enrollment carefully and consult with your administrator if you have any question about this. After you have reached 72 hours, you should enroll in Zero hours every semester until you graduate.

Q: How do I adjust the units (number of hours) in YES when enrolling myself in research hours? Every time I try, the system defaults to Zero hours.  But I need to adjust this to a certain specific number. How do I do this?

  • A: First, you need to add the course to your cart in YES. Then, click on your cart to pull up the course. There is a blue icon on the right next to the instructor’s name, that, when you hover over it, it will say “edit class.”  Clicking there will allow you to specify the number of hours that you need using a drop-down menu.  Click Save to complete.
  • To register, click on the drop-down arrow to the left of the class and select “Enroll.” Click submit after all selections have been made. Check your YES record to ensure that the correct number of units are showing up for your research hour course before exiting the system.
  • Find more information on page 4 of the Enrollment YES user guide:

Q: I have accidentally over-enrolled in research hours.  I need to adjust them so that the total number of pending research hours is 72. 

  • A: If you are still within the 10 day drop-add period for any given semester, you can make this update yourself in YES, (see question above for how to edit course units).  After the enrollment window has passed for a given semester, the graduate school is not allowed to update your enrollment.  In addition, the graduate school cannot update your enrollment retroactively. Therefore, take care every semester to make sure that your enrollment is correct.  Please be proactive and contact your administrator or our office if you have any questions.

Q: I would like to audit a course. How do I go about doing that?

  • A: Fill out a Request to Audit form found on our website, get it signed by the appropriate parties listed on the form, and then submit it to our portal within the registration window. Upon approval, the form will be forwarded to the URO who will then add the course to your academic record. It will be listed as “AU” for Audit. Note that the registrar’s office will charge you $10 in order to audit a course. You can pay this fee through your student account

Q: I am a PhD student who will be taking my qualifying exam soon.  How soon do I need to have my committee set up?

  • A: At least two weeks before you expect to take your qualifying exam.  More from the graduate catalog:
    • The Ph.D. committee is appointed by the Graduate School on the advice of the chair or director of graduate studies of the program. The committee consists of not fewer than four members of the Graduate Faculty. Three of the members must be graduate faculty from within the student’s department/program and one from outside the program. Any variation of the committee makeup must be approved by the Graduate School. The committee must be appointed by the Graduate School no less than two weeks before the time the student expects to take the qualifying examination.
    • The functions of the Ph.D. committee are (a) to administer the qualifying examination, (b) to approve the dissertation subject, (c) to aid the student and monitor the progress of the dissertation, and (d) to read and approve the dissertation and administer the final oral examination.