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Proposals to Create or Change Academic Programs (PCCAP)

Proposals to Create or Change Academic Programs (PCCAP) are managed through the Office of Academic Program Review, Assessment, and Accreditation (OAPRAA). OAPRAA staff will support faculty or administrators with the change process and will handle the reporting of any substantive changes to Vanderbilt’s institutional accrediting agency if needed and as appropriate. Visit the OAPRAA website to schedule a help session, or email for assistance.

Please note that OAPRAA is concerned with substantive changes to programs of study (as defined by federal requirements); changes to course content descriptions or titles are handled through the University Registrar.  

Process for Vanderbilt Graduate Programs to eliminate the GRE requirement

There is a growing national trend for programs to eliminate the use of the GRE as a tool in graduate admissions, notably in the biomedical disciplines. The reasons for this trend are manifold, but largely revolve around concerns regarding the potential biases associated with this test, financial issues, and ease with which singular metrics can be used to speed the review process.  The GRE Opt Out document  outlines the process for graduate programs to eliminate the GRE requirement.