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Planning Notice of Intent (PNOI) for New Degree Programs, New Program Tracks in Degrees, or Certificates

The Planning Notice of Intent (PNOI) is a brief document that articulates in no more than 2-3 pages an academic unit’s intent to develop a new degree program, a new track in an existing degree program, or a new certificate program.

Required information for the PNOI includes a description and rational for the program, demand for the program and a preliminary budget.  Submit the PNOI to the Provost Office to begin the review process.


Process for Vanderbilt Graduate Programs to eliminate the GRE requirement

There is a growing national trend for programs to eliminate the use of the GRE as a tool in graduate admissions, notably in the biomedical disciplines. The reasons for this trend are manifold, but largely revolve around concerns regarding the potential biases associated with this test, financial issues, and ease with which singular metrics can be used to speed the review process.  The GRE Opt Out document  outlines the process for graduate programs to eliminate the GRE requirement.