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Faculty & Staff

Serving as a support and resource person for students and postdocs is key to fulfilling the academic mission of the Graduate School, and we are very appreciative of all the measures that all faculty and staff take to interact, engage, and develop students and postdocs. Below are some resources that will be helpful in your administrative roles.

Charter of the Graduate School

Please view the Graduate School Charter here.

By-Laws of the Graduate School

Please review the Graduate School Constitution and by-laws here.


The Graduate School application and required documents can be found on Application Process. Please direct prospective students to this site along with any other relevant application information from your specific department.

If you are engaged in recruitment for your department, we encourage you to create a program profile on The Graduate School has purchased an institutional license to support the recruiting efforts of all Graduate School programs. 

The Director of Graduate Studies Handbook also has some resources on recruitment.

For assistance with increasing the diversity of your applicants, please contact Assistant Dean Don Brunson.

Data Requests

If you would like to request data from the Office of Data and Strategic Analytics (DSA), please submit your request to be reviewed by the Director of Operations in the Graduate School. Approved requests will then be routed to DSA for processing. 

Funding for Students

Financial pressures are a significant source of stress for students. Please direct students to these resources:


Your Enrollment Services (YES)

YES is the primary academic records and registration portal for Vanderbilt University.  Faculty use YES to manage courses, transfer credits, communicate securely with students, assign grades, etc. 

Teaching faculty that need to change grades given to a student should use the Grade Change guide for complete instructions on the process in YES. For instances that require a paper form for updating (grades that have been changed once, grades for students in their final terms or changing a grade for a student who has graduated), please use this form.  For incomplete grades, use the reconciling an incomplete grade form.

A full list of YES user guides is available on the Registrar's website



If you are responsible for any social media for your department, please connect with the Graduate School on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We will periodically send out announcements and events through these channels and would appreciate any additional assistance in advertising to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.


Academic Forms

Many academic forms for graduate education require DGS, instructor, committee, and/or adviser signatures.