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Transfer Credit

Many students will enter the Graduate School with previous graduate credit.  At the time the program of studies is planned, transferring this work to the Vanderbilt record must be considered.  With transfer students, one of the most important considerations is the assessment of previous graduate work for purposes of allocating Vanderbilt degree credit. Transfer is made on the recommendation of the department chair, program director or DGS and approval of the Graduate School. Transfer of credits should be accomplished before the end of the first month of enrollment. This early assessment is essential for planning the student’s program of study. The transfer credit worksheet and a copy of the transcript with these courses highlighted should be submitted to the Graduate School for approval. 

The DGS should keep in mind that a maximum of 6 hours transfer credit may be applied toward the Master’s degree and 48 hours toward the Ph.D. degree, although the latter should be considered the upper limit in very special cases. It is important to note that transfer credit hours may count toward the required quality (didactic) hours as well as total earned hours. This can be noted on the transfer credit form. It is also important to note that a student admitted as a Special Non-Degree student and subsequently admitted to a degree program can transfer only six hours of credit while as a special non-degree student toward the degree program.