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Attracting highly-qualified applicants is of extreme importance. By increasing the size and quality of the applicant pool, the program can be assured of a sufficient number of students of high caliber to fill the available places. The DGS should be at the forefront of this effort. Students must have some means of learning about the program. Some of the things that might be considered are the following:

  • Send letters/e-mails to programs at other institutions, particularly those departments that are considered the best in your program's area.
  • Advertise in professional journals and at meetings.
  • Participate in college fairs. Have faculty and students help recruit when visiting other institutions; former students and present students can also help recruit from their previous institutions.
  • Create a brochure that describes the program – its faculty, research activities, and resources. Develop an internet site to describe program – requirements, faculty, coursework, etc.
  • Subscribe to a service that provides names of potential applicants, such as the GRE Search Service, provided by ETS, which oversees the Graduate Record Examinations. 

The Graduate School maintains that diversity among faculty and students is important and hopes that you will join in its efforts to increase the number of students from underrepresented populations entering into graduate studies at Vanderbilt University.