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Academic Forms

The forms below are for Graduate School academic program office administrators. They are grouped first by category, and then listed alphabetically by form title. Please note that some forms require the signature of a departmental official before submission to the Graduate School.

An asterisk (*) designates approval to scan and send a form electronically to the Graduate School, with DGS signature.  All other forms should be submitted on paper to the Graduate School, Alumni Hall, Room 117, unless otherwise noted.


Coursework & Credits

  Grade Change Form

  Notification of Intent to Enroll in a Graduate Certificate Program

* Permission to Audit

  Request for Course Update (online form, submitted through the University Registrar web site)

* Request for Graduate Credit

* Request for Independent Study

* Transfer Credit Worksheet


Degree Completion

  Checklist for Graduation  

  Completion of Master's Thesis

  Intent to Graduate (Summer 2017)

  Intent to Graduate (Fall 2017)

* Request to Appoint Ph.D. Committee

* Request to Change Ph.D. Committee

* Request to Schedule Dissertation Defense 

* Request to Schedule Qualifying Exam

Request to Cancel and/or Reschedule Qualifying Exam or Dissertation Defense

  Submit Dissertation Defense Results

  Submit Qualifying Exam Results