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For International Student Travel

All students are required to register any international travel that is sponsored by Vanderbilt.  Examples of travel requiring registration include:

  • Travel to international conferences
  • Research related travel
  • Trips organized by a student organization
  • Trips undertaking using funds from a Vanderbilt-managed grant or fellowship

Full details regarding sponsored travel can be found in the Student International Travel Policy.


Basic Safety and Security Checklist

Students with upcoming international travel should plan well in advance and follow these basic guidelines.  Travelers should educate themselves about their destination to avoid known hazards. 

These guidelines are available as a PDF, and more resources about international travel are available on the main Global Safety website and Health and Safety page.


Vanderbilt Incident Response for Travel

The VIRT team provides safety-related guidance and assistance for members of the Vanderbilt University community who plan to be away from campus on VU-related travel, and ensures an effective and consistent response to any VU travel emergency. VIRT links VU community travelers to resources, and can help:

  • Connect you with appropriate healthcare abroad
  • Provide medical consultation to help you make informed decisions
  • Guide you in using Vanderbilt-issued insurance
  • Coordinate a medical or emergency evacuation from abroad

For an emergency, call +1 615-322-2745 and tell the dispatcher you want to report an issue to VIRT.  For non emergency situations, send an email to