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Academic services and resources:


Resources for Graduate Student Academic and Personal Concerns

Students looking for assistance with concerns, ranging from program-specific questions and processes to mental health and wellbeing as well as academic support, should begin with the chart of Graduate Student Academic and Personal Concerns (APC chart).  The APC chart takes students through the process of identifying and contacting resources, based on their unique situations.

GSC Chart of Concern

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Graduate Student Initiatives

The Graduate Student Resource Guide, created by the Graduate Student Council with support from the Graduate School, is a one-stop document summarizing procedures, policies, and resources with direct links to source materials. 

Note:  the Resource Guide is intended to supplement the general Student Handbook and Graduate School Catalog, and should neither replace either resource or direct, open, and frequent communication between students and their respective advisors, Directors of Graduate Studies, and Department Chairs.

The Mental Health Bill of Rights and Responsibilities (MHBoR&R) outlines the Vanderbilt University community's ideals and aspirations for providing mental health care to its students, as well as student responsibilities in the mental health care process and system.  students are encouraged to use the MHBoR&R in conversation with their Student Care Network providers when discussing their mental health needs and expectations.  The MHBoR&R is not binding for any parties, but rather reflects Vanderbilt's commitment to providing quality mental health care for its students.

The MHBoR&R was developed through an in-depth collaboration between the Graduate Student Council, the Graduate School, the Office of the Dean of Students, the University Counseling Center, the Student Care Network, the Office of the Provost, the Office of the Chancellor, and other University community members.  It is intended to be a living document, and any future changes should undergo a robust process of discussions with relevant stakeholders, including those listed above. Refer to Health & Wellness below for the links to the Student Care network and other resources for graduate students.


Health & Wellness

Managing stress in graduate school can be overwhelming when balancing academic, financial or language barrier pressures. Successful students take advantage of the resources below in order to stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit. 

Fellow students, staff, faculty, and other community members concerned about the personal, physical or emotional wellbeing of a student may complete the Student of Concern Reporting Form.  For emergencies or life-endangering situations, contact VUPD at 615-421-1911 or 911.


Student Health Insurance

Vanderbilt University requires all graduate and professional students registered in degree programs of four or more credits - or who are actively enrolled in research courses (including, but not limited to dissertation or thesis courses) and are designated by Vanderbilt University as maintaining full-time enrollment - to be covered by a health insurance plan that is comparable to or exceeds the Vanderbilt Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

Full details regarding SHIP including rates and coverage can be found on the Student Care Network page.

Develop Skills for Your Career

Rigorous academic excellence prepares graduate students for a range of different career paths in competitive fields. The Graduate School Career Development office prepares students for careers in government, business, non-profits, and academia.

The new Russell G. Hamilton Graduate Leadership Development Institute (GLDI) provides students with professional leadership training and robust career development support to help them succeed in academic and non-academic career paths.


Connecting with the Community

The Graduate School strongly encourages students and students’ partners/families to get involved with the larger Vanderbilt community by connecting with student organizations and finding networks of support.