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Family Support

General English for partners and spouses is a tuition-free course designed to teach listening, speaking, reading and writing to Vanderbilt employees and VU community spouses/partners who are non-native Speakers of English. The focus is to enable students to use English in the workplace and at home.

Father and daughterParental Leave: Prior to and/or following childbirth or adoption of an infant, the primary caregiver (whether mother or father) will be allowed to take six weeks of parental leave. During this period, the student's current stipend, and, if applicable, funding for health insurance and tuition, will be continued without interruption. The student's enrollment status will be continued during this period, as well.

Child & Family Center provides child care for children ages 6 weeks to PreK and support for aging loved ones. If you plan to send your child to the Vanderbilt Childcare Center, we recommend getting on the wait list as soon as possible. 

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