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Letters of Recommendation

The required minimum number of recommendation letters is three, and maximum is five.  Make sure that your recommenders know you well enough to sell the "you" that exists beyond what your scores and grades might tell us. These letters should tell us information that cannot be gleaned by looking at other pieces of your application. 

The preferred method for receiving recommendations is through the online process. The recommender’s URL contains a short recommendation form that is only available online.  After filling out this short form, the recommender can upload a recommendation letter. You can submit your application before we receive your recommendation letters.

If your recommender has some impediment to using the online process, and you feel strongly about using this recommender, a recommendation letter may be mailed or emailed, but your recommender will not be able to submit the recommendation form. Paper recommendation letters must contain your full name and the name of the program to which you are applying.  They should be emailed or mailed to an address below.


Center for Data Management
Vanderbilt University
PMB 407833, 2301 Vanderbilt Place
Nashville, TN 37240-7833