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Graduate Faculty Council

The Graduate Faculty Council was created to support the Graduate School in ensuring excellence and equity across all academic disciplines, and to approve, oversee, and regulate the creation of new graduate degrees, graduate programs, and certificate programs.

Officers & Executive Committee

  • Vice Provost and Dean André Christie-Mizell, Chair
  • Christine Konradi, Secretary

In addition to the officers, the following graduate faculty council members serve on the Executive Committee:

  • Vera Kutzinski, College of Arts and Science
  • James Hudnut-Beumler, Divinity School
  • Joanne Golann, Peabody College
  • Taylor Johnson, School of Engineering
  • Yi Ren, School of Medicine
  • Jeremy Neal, School of Nursing

Graduate Faculty Council Members, 2023-2024

College of Arts & Science

Executive Committee*

 Divinity School

Executive Committee*

School of Engineering

Executive Committee*

 School of Medicine

Executive Committee*

School of Nursing

Executive Committee*

  • Jeremy Neal (2022-25): 512 Godchaux Hall (Nursing Science)*

Peabody College

Executive Committee*

  • Sean Corcoran (2021-24): 207C Payne (Leadership, Policy & Organizations)*
  • Sun-Joo Cho (2022-25): 207E Payne Hall (Psychology & Human Development)

Ex Officio

Meeting Notes

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