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Graduate Research and Education Advisory Board

The purpose of the Graduate Research and Education Advisory Board is to support and foster the achievement of excellence in all aspects of graduate studies and research at the University.  The Board will achieve this through the following initiatives:

  • Advising and supporting the Dean of the Graduate School
  • Assisting in developing beneficial relationships with industry, government and other academic institutions
  • Reviewing and supporting the School's strategic plans
  • Reporting to the Chancellor and Provost on the status and opportunities related to graduate education and research

Board members have all demonstrated professional achievements in fields of importance to graduate education and research, and contribute to the balance of the Board's breadth and diversity.


 2020-2021 Members of the Board

Picture of Bridget Hodder

Bridget Hodder (MA '15)

Board Chair
Boston, MA
Author, MacMillan/Farrar,

Straus & Giroux Lerner Publishing/Kar-Ben

Picture of John Hindle

John Hindle (BA '68, PhD '81)

Board Vice-Chair

Nashville, TN
Founding Partner
Knowledge Capital Partners

Picture of Bill Berenson

Bill Berenson (MA '72, PhD '75)
Arlington, VA
Of Counsel, Law Office of Jeffrey M. Lepon, PLLC
Former General Council, Organization of American States
Judge, Administrative Tribunal of the Inter-American Development Bank

Picture of board member Boyapati Sonia Boyapati (BE '94, MS '96)
Lebanon, TN
COO, MR Hotels
Picture of Heather Brown Heather Brown (MS '01, PhD '04)
Franklin, TN
Senior Vice President, Market Access & Reimbursement
Heartflow, Inc.
Picture of Jay Clayton Jay Clayton
Nashville, TN
Professor, Department of English, Vanderbilt University
Director, Curb Center for Art, Enterprise and Public Policy
Picture of Tom Doub Tom Doub (MS '94, PhD '01)
Nashville, TN
Assistant Professor, Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Picture of Kirk Elifson Kirk Elifson (MA '68, PhD '73)
Atlanta, GA
Professor, Rollins School of Public Health
Emory University
Photograph of Barbara Johnson Barbara Johnson (PhD '99)
Russellville, AR
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Arkansas Tech University
Board member Dante Mossi Dante Mossi (PhD '96)
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Executive President, Banco Centroamericano de Integración Económica
Picture of Suzanne Ortega Suzanne T. Ortega (MA '76, PhD '79)
Washington, DC
Council of Graduate Schools
Aneel Pandey Aneel Pandey (JD '92, MBA '92)
Nashville, TN
Chief Manager, Transcender Starship LLC.

picture of Chelsea Peters Chelsea Peters (MS '16, PhD '18)
Salem, VA
Assistant Professor - Environmental Studies
Roanoke College
Picture of Jennifer Pietenpol Jennifer Pietenpol (PhD '90)
Nashville, TN
Director, Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center
Executive VP for Research, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Picture of Al Powers Al Powers (PhD '10, MD '12)
New Haven, CT
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University
Medical Director, PRIME Psychosis Research Institute, Yale
Picture of Elaine Sanders-Bush Elaine Sanders-Bush (PhD '67)
Nashville, TN
Professor Emerita, Department of Pharmacology
Vanderbilt University
 Photograph of Martin Singer

Martin Singer (MA '75, PhD '77)
New York, NY
President, Seller-Lehrer Family Foundation